“A fantastic, comprehensive course teaching the basics in ophthalmic knowledge for receptionists. I would highly recommend this course to all receptionists working in an ophthalmic setting."

Sarita - Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists, Practice Manager

“I thought the course was good value and worthwhile for all administration/reception....well set out, easy to understand....very well suited to any new staff joining our practice.”

Georgina - Darling Downs Eye, Practice Manager

“I love the support on this online learning site. I received a call or reply promptly within 10-30 mins after I submitted my questions and the answers helped in solving my technical problems or questions. There is always someone to respond to my questions even in the night or during the weekends.”

Mary – Ophthalmic Technician

“It is an interesting experience which I found quite interactive, – all around quite enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking the first step to becoming an ophthalmic assistant or even those who are interested in knowing a little bit more about what they do! I found that the course did very well in easing me through what the role entails.”

Jane – PersonalEYES, Ophthalmic Assistant

“The course equipped me with the theoretical knowledge that I need for the job and gives me the confidence that I am doing the right things when assisting in the clinic.”

Mary – Ophthalmic Technician

“I had very basic knowledge in regards to eyes, however since doing this course I can now understand why we need an OCT, why patients need injections or how to triage and having the confidence to say “yes I can tell you what an OCT is and why the doctor needs it.”

Alex – Dr Anil Sharma, Receptionist/Administration

“The receptionist is the patient’s first contact and to know the procedure or how the clinic flows, the type of tests a patient might require for certain conditions and to be able to explain these and all the whys hows and ifs can help patients feel more comfortable and confident that they will receive quality treatment. As a receptionist, I have learnt many things which will be useful in my initial contact with the patient and to answer their queries.”

Carol – Eyes Wide Bay, Receptionist

“Great experience; I felt the course was well set up – I have a greater understanding of eye conditions and feel I’m well informed.”

Kelley – Focus Eye Centre, Administration/Receptionist

“I think the course content was great; it covers most things that you need to know to be able to start straight away in the clinic.”

Jackie – Coastal Eye Centre, Supervisor

“I would definitely recommend this course as it provided the basic knowledge of common eye conditions and the testing involved. I found the content expanded my administrative role and is a good foundation for my clinical role in the clinic.”

Fiona – PersonalEYES, Administrative Assistant