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We are Australian, university educated orthoptists with many years of experience within busy ophthalmic clinics. We have increasingly observed a need for additional educational options and opportunities for staff in both clinical and administrative positions.

Due to the lack of available educational resources, clinics are increasingly turning to ‘on the job’ training. This is a slow, uneconomical and inconsistent process, which can disrupt clinic flow and further increase the workload on staff in busy ophthalmic clinics. This in turn results in long waiting times and reduced patient satisfaction, as well as the frustration of repeating basic training for new staff.

We developed our online courses to address the needs of modern, busy eye clinics and to reduce the stress involved in the training process. While we believe there is an element of informal 'on the job' training in all employment, a formal component is valuable in ensuring that the processes and practices remain aligned with standards and protocols. Eye Learning is dedicated to providing formal online education, streamlining your clinic by ensuring all staff knowledge is at a consistent level and all clinical testing processes are standardised.


Kelly Chard
Kelly is a Sydney based Orthoptist who has been working in the ophthalmic industry for over 20 years. She has experience in a diverse range of ophthalmic specialties including; Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive, Oculoplastic and Retinal clinics. Kelly received her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Orthoptics from the University of Sydney. She has interests in teaching and staff training, and enjoys spending time with her young family. Kelly is a founder and co-owner of Eye Learning.

Stephanie Goodwin
Stephanie holds an Honours Degree in Orthoptics and has over 20 years’ experience in ophthalmic practice. She has worked with some of Sydney’s leading ophthalmologists, and has extensive experience working in clinical practice as an orthoptist, assisting in theatre in a scrub nurse role, working as an industry representative, and co-ordinating clinical trials in ophthalmic research. Stephanie is a founder and co-owner of Eye Learning.

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